Adult Wine and Drink Paint Can

This is the paint Can I received from TWhite. I Love the beach!!

House Mouse Paint can Swap

This Paint Can I had received from CoolNana on the Cricut MB. What a truly lovely woman. I had a good time with her as my partner.

Easter Paint Can Swap

This paint Can I received from Dawn Horswill on the Cricut MB. She made me such a pretty can...I Love it.

Fall Angel Paint Can

This Paint Can I Angeled for someone.

Adult Wine and Drink Paint Can

This is a Paint ca I decorated for TWhite in the Adult Wine and Drink Paint Can Swap.

Happy Birthday

Another card I scrap lifted off of somewhere not sure I remember where. Thank You!

I scrap lifted some of this card off of a woman that does video on U Tube....Dawn I think her name is. Thank You!


I simply Love this satmp

Flower Girl

I have made this card for a friend of my mothers that lives in the nursing home that I work at.

First Kiss

I have made this card for my parents anniversary coming up in August.

Bike Ride

One of my favorites. I have not named it yet...LOL

Thinking of You

I made this card for my mothers birhday coming up in July. She loves country and loves roosters so this will be perfect for her.

Thinking of You

This card I used flower soft in the flower basket and I used tiny pearls for her bracelet.


AHHH...House Mouse Again...cant seem to get enough of these little guys.


I LOVE these stamps. I only wish a place locally sold the stamps. I could have a million of these and use all of them. LOL

Glitter Hearts

The jar in this House Mouse Stamp has been glazed to look like its a real jar. Im using my sony camera to take the pics and not my Nikon so maybe thats why the details arent so good.

Popin Good Time

This was one of my favorite cards That I have done. It has been colored with Copic markers and I love them.

Thank You ALL!!!

I have more cards and paint cans to post...but first I need to take my cards out of the plastic to take pictures so you can see the card better without the glaire. I have paint cans that Ive received and would like to share so I will try and post them after dinner.

Snowmanlover thanks for postinf the directions for the How To Blog or I wouldnt have gotten this far.

Paint Can for Hospital

As most of my MB friends n]know on the cricut board, my DH is on the heart transplant list. So for all that the hospital has done for him I made the hospital/Dr's office a paint can. On the other side it says "We fix broken hearts". I filled it with hard candies. They loved it.

Wedding Paint Can

This is a Piant can I did for a friend/co-worker, shes getting married this weekend and she wanted on to put mints in at the reception.

Sweet Treats Paint Can

This made this can for another paint can swap I was in.

Coffee Mug Swap

I made this mug for HappyKimber during the coffee mug swap. I loved it so much I made the same one for myself...hehehe!

Valentines Paint Can

This was for a Valentine Paint Can Swap I was in...But I never heard form my partner again so I still get to enjoy the can.

St Patricks Paint Can Swap

This was a St Patricks Paint Can Swap I did. Don't know why the pictures are looking blurry...huh!

House Mouse Paint Can

This is a paint can I have done for CoolNANA on the Cricut MB. What a nice woman I have met during this swap.