I Got the gypsy from HSN when it debuted and I LOVE it!! I havent had much time to scrap but Ive made some things with the gyspy and when I cut them I will post. I think its very easy to use and Ive had alot of fun learning about it and what it can do. I know alot have had trouble with theirs but I have not. It takes a little love and understanding and its all good!

It's my DH daughters birthday...so I made her a paint can to put mail in and I made a a clipboard to post pictures and also made her a photo holder using a medium cloths pin...I hope she likes it. I also made a her the birthday card. We mailed it today so I will wait for the response...hope she likes it.


I have made this paint can for the residents at work. They all loved it.

My Cricut

I didnt want to paint my E but I did want to decorate it somehow and this is what I've decided. I think it's cute